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Nominal Frequency : The nominal value of center frequency, and shall be used as the basis of detail specifications.

Pass Band Width : The spacing between two frequency at witch the relative attention is equal to or below

Attenuation Band Width : The spacing between two frequencies at which the relative attenuation is equal to pr above the specified value in the attenuation band

Insertion Loss : The minimum value of working attenuation within the pass band

Ripple : If there are maximum values of attenuation in the guaranteed pass band, the maximum value among the differences between the maximum loss and the minimum loss

Guaranteed Attenuation : The guaranteed relative attenuation in attenuation band

Spurious : The attenuation caused by the extraordinary response in attenuation band

Group Delay Distortion : The difference between maximum and minimum group delay in pass band Terminal Impedance: The power source impedance or load impedance viewed from the filter side

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